It has been an an eventful month for all of us here at 42stats. Here are a few of the highlights:

Production servers are up and running!

  • MongoDB + Django + Gunicorn + Nginx stack up and running on┬áCentOS
  • We went way out of the box on our hardware architecture: We’re running everything on Mac Mini Servers. Cost/benefit over EC2 or Rackspace is massive given our projected deployment of services and long term (1 year) cloud transition plan.
  • Aalok’s done an amazing job building a stable, scalable and robust solution over the past four months!

First client!

  • We’ve signed and begun work with our first live client who is alpha testing our solution. They’re a Fortune 500 company that’s leveraging our solution to improve the work lives of their employees and the efficiency of their organization.

Semi-Finalists at MassChallenge!

  • We’ve been selected for the next round, out of 1237 startups from 35 countries, to come to Boston and pitch to MassChallenge.
  • “MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup accelerator and competition, and the first to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached.” –MassChallenge

We’re excited – the game is afoot and we’re building something we truly believe in.

Dinyar Mistry

Mr. Mistry jumped into enterprise technology as a teen. As a Business Intelligence Architect he translated strategy management initiatives into innovative data-driven solutions, integrating strategic frameworks with technology. After witnessing countless restructuring efforts he came to the conclusion that desicions were being made without the guidance of qualitative data and that it was time to introduce a disruptive offering.