Roller coaster! There has been an incredible amount of activity over the past few weeks with 42stats. We’ll stick to bullets, as the novel I could write would result in everyone saying TL;DR (too long; didn’t read).

  • MassChallenge Class of 2012: We are excited and honored to be one of the companies selected out of 1237 entries
  • Live Alpha: We took the next step with our alpha release on June 27th and we’re actively engaged in our first real world (and paid for) data collection with a Fortune 500 client
    • We’re gathering critical time data on granular work activities to facilitate service analytics
  • MassChallenge Startup Boot Camp: Last week we completed the MassChallenge startup boot camp and had a truly enlightening, invigorating experience:
    • Air mattresses in a friends vacated HBS campus apartment helped us stay lean on travel expenses
    • We have committed 100% to 42stats and MassChallenge – we’re in the process of packing up our Astor Place office and apartments in New York City, saying goodbye to our friends and relocating to Boston for at least the next four months
    • Day 1:
      • Noam Wasserman, writer of The Founder’s Dilemma, provided us with a huge swath of advice on strengthening and evolving the relationships within our team
      • Paul English from enlightened us on the art and benefits of building and maintaining a company culture where every person promises to be and will become the best at what they do
      • Colin Angle, founder and CEO of iRobot taught us how perseverance and passion can carry you through decades of flat growth and lead to having a global impact
    • Day 2:
      • Ken Morse, founder of 3com, gave me a shot of adrenalin with his pitch workshop that ended in a rapid pace simulated pitch event with over 50 executives and leaders coming into the office to give us feedback
    • Day 3:
      • Chris Colbert, CEO of Holland-Mark, showed us the basics on distilling your company down to its primordial essence and communicating it
      • Gerald Kimber White, Mike Troiano, Laura Fitton and Matt Cutler: Crash courses in the fundamentals of PR and Marketing – I’m finally updating our blog!
    • Day 4:
      • Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital with Gabor Garai of Foley & Lardner opened our eyes and gave us a glimpse of the venture capital game
      • Great overview of funding options led by Jeremy Halpern, “you’ve got as much chance of getting funded by a VC as winning $1M in the lottery”
      • Vinit Nijhawan, Matt Witheiler, Paul Sweeney and Jerry King gave us a glimpse of the unmasked inner workings of how VC’s think, negotiate and evaluate a deal – “this is business”
      • Jerry King, former COO of, told us a tale of funding, restructuring and rebuilding – sage advice
      • High tech Mentor Matching that evening, great event, everyone had done their research – as soon as the floor was open for mingling, each CEO conducted an impressive surgical strike on the mentors they wanted to meet and met amazing ones off the radar too
    • Day 5:
      • Robert Gervis broke the construction of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards down to the science it is and gave us the foundation to build our own
      • David Gowell of RockTech blew my mind with what you can accomplish with LinkedIn, truly a game changing discussion
      • Meetings with some amazing soon to be mentors and many thanks to Foley Lardner for everything!

The most amazing part of the week, by far, has been meeting our cohorts and the staff of MassChallenge. The other companies in the program are going to be the greatest asset we’ve encountered since we started and we’re truly privileged to have this opportunity to interact with them. I’m amazed by this pool of talent, each conversation I’ve had this past week has forged an exciting new relationship.

We’re back in New York now, making the most of our Astor Place office late into the evening. Time to soak up that last bit of Manhattan energy this week before we head over to the land of the Sox and change the world with an amazing group of people over the next few months.

Dinyar Mistry

Mr. Mistry jumped into enterprise technology as a teen. As a Business Intelligence Architect he translated strategy management initiatives into innovative data-driven solutions, integrating strategic frameworks with technology. After witnessing countless restructuring efforts he came to the conclusion that desicions were being made without the guidance of qualitative data and that it was time to introduce a disruptive offering.