Customer Experience starts with satisfaction, but it doesn’t stop there.

We combine Customer Feedback with your Enterprise Data for each of your services. The information you need, delivered in context.

Customer Feedback

Your customers have the information you need to guide your improvement plans. You just have ask the right questions at the right time.


What matters to your customers? Are you allocating your improvement resources to the services your customers value and rely on most? Alignment is key.


The metric everyone thinks about, however, your organizations ability to push the needle on this metric over time is what counts. Simple targets are the enemy of improvement.

Quality Attributes

When receiving thousands of responses, identifying what needs to improve with each service, within each geography, is critical for scope management. Responsiveness, Reliability, Skills/Knowledge/Experience, and more.


This is the heart of the survey, where customers can let you know where their pain resides and how you can address it explicitly.

Unknown Customer Demographics

This is particularly important for Outsourcing providers. Anything that you do not know about the customer, from their location, usage level of the services, title, department etc. can be gathered directly from the customer.

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Enterprise Data

You run a survey, you get lots of data. Then you spend countless hours hacking at it in Excel to put it in context. We can integrate any set of data you provide.

Reporting Hierarchies and Master Data

Every internal report you look at reflects your company’s structure, ours will too. Your hierarchies, your terminology, your formatting.

Customer Demographics

Geography, influence, usage, department, title, customer type… anything that helps you understand your customer population can be included. With this information, within seconds you could answer questions about customer experience for each service, in each seperate geographic region, sliced and diced by each customer attribute. The possibilities are endless.

Service Data

Performance, cost, efficiency KPIs, and more. Let’s dive deeper into your Output KPIs and see how meeting customer commitments correlates to customer feedback. Let’s incorporate your Input KPI’s and shed light on how your processes impact customer experience.

Delivery Options

Get your data the way you want to consume it:

  • Use our online Business Intelligence tools with report generation and online pivot tables to conduct ad-hoc queries or download Excel/PDF reports.
  • Import our Customer Experience data into an Excel template with pivot tables and data visualizations, ready for mass distribution. 
  • Let us gather and stream the data straight into your data warehouse so that you can use your existing BI tools and reporting solutions, as well as integrate it with highly confidential data sets.