Service Offerings

Servalytics is offered as an annual subscription with a customized support package. The flexibility of our solution accommodates the most demanding corporate needs and we are continually improving the experience based on customer feedback. Due to its flexibility we always facilitate the creation and management of the first survey from end-to-end in order to ensure that every customer builds a successful, repeatable, and highly effective data collection program

Customer Experience Analysis

Often referred to as Internal Customer Satisfaction Analysis,  Customer Experience Analysis provides your functions with the data needed to effectively develop and monitor the efficacy of a continuous improvement program. Every employee in your company that makes use of services offered by IT, HR, Finance and other internal functions are your customers. At 42stats we go beyond just measuring how satisfied your customers are, we gather and present data that will allow you to create and manage a continuous improvement program.

Service Modeling

Servalytics organizational modeling tools are designed to help you map and model the services your company provides, the activities it takes to perform them, as well as their key metrics and attributes. Built over the past decade by working with over 100 companies in the Global 2000 Servalytics can do in hours what usually takes weeks.

Service Based Costing

Our Service Based Costing offering uses a non-invasive technique to identify how employees spend their time on each of the detailed activities that comprise a service. We combine this information with employee demographics, like location and position, as well as staff and non-staff costs. The result is a set quantitative narratives which ensure that the right employees are performing the right work at the right cost to produce the right outcome.


Service Support Packages

For many corporations, a fully managed survey will grant the best results with the least amount of employee time expended. Our managed packages have experienced survey experts working with your company to design and conduct a best practice, internal customer satisfaction and continuous improvement data collection program. This includes integrating data from your enterprise systems, from financials to critical KPI’s, maximizing the response rate of your surveys, minimizing survey fatigue, and customizing your reports to ensure your absolute satisfaction. For many of our customers, survey and reporting experts are available to work with our system and we will work diligently with them to train and develop expertise in our software so they can provide it as a service to their whole company.