Dinyar Mistry

Mr. Mistry developed enterprise technology expertise working at startups, in IT departments and as a consultant over the past 15 years. As a Business Intelligence Architect for Fortune 500 companies, he focused on enabling strategy management with technology. Dinyar left the consulting world to build a team of thought leaders and technologists to create scalable products which enable quantitative decision making.





Leland Forst

Dr. Forst is our resident thought leader and creator of the methodology on which Servalytics’ offerings are based. He is considered the authoritative voice and father of the Shared Services movement and is the Managing Director of The Amherst Group Limited. Previously, he served as a Director of the Board and Partner of A.T. Kearney and has also served as a Professor at CUNY, Adelphi University, and Cornell University.





Aalok Shah

Mr. Shah cut his teeth developing proprietary, high-availability, high-impact systems for traders and salespeople. He’s skilled in creating scalable, low-latency backends, while building responsive, dynamic UIs. He contributes to open source projects, stays informed on high-scalability systems, and plays volleyball and tennis. Aalok left Wall Street to build a product with the capability to scale and a team with the same passion.