We useĀ amazing technology to minimize your interaction with technology. Our customers should be focused on what matters: Customer Experience Information.

That said, we have built a highly flexible big data platform for gathering and integrating data and meta data from thousands of sources.

Key Features

While most customers opt for ourĀ full service Customer Experience offerings, our SaaS offering for Customer Experience Service Centers is incredibly flexible and robust.

  • Organizational modeling tools for collaborative service modeling
  • Ad-hoc analysis allowing you to slice and dice based on the demographics you define using intuitive online pivot tables with charts and graphs.
  • Export data sets and charts to Excel or PDF so you can rapidly flesh out your custom reports and presentations.
  • Secure Big Data repository to store and integrate demographics and KPI’s with survey responses
  • Structured and nuanced security and access options
  • Automatic generation and updating of surveys based on service models and customer demographics
  • WYSIWYG survey editor with advanced survey logic and branching
  • Gather data in over 100 languages with robust translation tools
  • Built in NPS (Net Promoter Score) and employee anonymization tools and reporting
  • Absolutely no IT integration required

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Service Modeling

Data Collection

Online Analytics